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Listen even when it’s difficult

Listening can be hard. There are typically many things vying for your attention while you try to focus on someone else, from the speaker to your own mental and emotional state and even the setting where you receiving the message.  Here are some factors that...

Plan, monitor & assess your goals

I love when New Year rolls around. I've typically taken some time during the last month to think through how the previous year went both personally and professionally and I've set some goals (PTB 301) to kick off the new year right.  A goal without a plan or...

How to set a goal that sticks

Setting a goal is easy, but getting that goal that sticks can be an entirely different story. To help give yourself a better chance to reach your short and long-term goals, it's important to set your goal in a way that is easy to follow, has tangible steps, and sets...

People over positions

The talk of the great resignation is the hot topic these days in the business world. Some companies are working to get ahead of the exodus of talent from the organization, others are afraid to even broach the topic in fear of speaking it into existence and a...

2021 Book Recommendations

Today Zack and Mike share their 2021 book recommendations! Zack's Picks Clarity in Crisis by Marc Polymeropoulos "I really enjoyed Marc's book. It's an engaging read that follows his career in the CIA while pulling out leadership and team-building lessons that can be...

Why you need skin in the game

In order to be successful in something, you have to have something at stake, otherwise, what's the point of the effort? Some may answer by saying that there isn't a point. That's the root of why many projects, endeavors, tasks, and jobs fail to be successful; no one...

Dealing with passive-aggressive people

We've all seen passive-aggressive behavior in the workplace. It's the avoidance of saying hello, the side-eyes, talking past you to someone else, having fun with everyone but you, and many other ways.  The recipe for passive-aggressive behavior is simple: 1 part...

The art of staying focused

Staying focused is hard to do. There are so many personal and professional things that are constantly trying to get your attention and pull you away from what you are working on.  How well do you do staying focused on your task? There is certainly an art to...

Navigate change and conflict

Life is full of conflict and changes whether we like it or not. Look no further than the last two years across the world to see how change and conflict have impacted each of us in a personal way. While we generally don't like conflict on a personal level you are...

Leading through the hybrid hurdle

Many people have found remote work to be a personal game-changer. Gone is the wasted time in the commute, additional expenses for lunch and go as far as less clothing and work expenses.  Along with all the benefits of remote work comes new hurdles in leadership...

When do you start performance management?

Years ago, I was just starting a new role as an operations leader covering the Southeast U.S. It was a fun and exciting time traveling to each location and introducing myself. I dropped in on one of my locations where we had an interim leader and I'll never forget the...

4 phrases to remove from your leadership vocabulary

There are just some phrases out there that can drive us up a wall. From "sorry to bother you, " to "I assumed" and everywhere in between, we all have room to grow when it comes to removing un-productive and downright distracting phrases from our leadership...

Finding Leadership in rocks

A box of rocks may not look like a source of inspiration for your own leadership journey, but the long journey that those rocks took in order to be made can offer us a reminder of our own continued growth.  Today we are going to find leadership in the three...

Finding Leadership in Chess

Chess is a game that I can honestly say, that I'm ok at but would not do well against a seasoned player. I do love the concept of chess though. Utilizing the same starting resources with the winner being determined by strategic planning and ability to adapt to...

Finding Leadership in Michael Scott

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”-Micheal Scott The Office continues to be a hit show years after the conclusion of the series. It's both absurd and totally relatable. You've probably seen a little...

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