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Tips to manage stress

Stress is something that we all deal with on a daily basis. It's not a matter of if you have stress today, it's more a matter of how much stress you have today. Your body, mind, and effectiveness begin to take a hit as the scales begin to tip into unhealthy levels....

Improving through competition

Competition handled correctly can be a huge motivator and call to action in both your professional and personal life. Look at NASA who is seeing a massive resurgence and breakthroughs as it pushes further into space exploration. Break down all the science and it comes...

Tips to be more persuasive

People think about different things when it comes to the power of persuasion depending on your life stage.  For teens and young adults, it may be focused on social media influencers, while adults may think of salespeople, politicians, or the pushy...

Frontline leadership DOs & DON’Ts with David Wheatley

Today we have David Wheatley owner/principal from Humanergy today to discuss Frontline Leadership Do's and Dont's. Our tips come from Humanergy's 50 Dos for Everyday Leadership: Practical Lessons Learned the Hard Way (So You Don't Have To) Check out and subscribe to...

Sharpen your observation skills

I like to think of myself as a fairly observant person. Whether that's the details in the way someone dresses, their body language in an interaction, or the general surroundings, I enjoy the finer details on what's going on around me.  Having good observation...

Prove me right – Positive reinforcement

The old saying of "prove me wrong" was used a lot when I was growing up. The thought and motivation behind the statement is to get the other person to step up and prove your idea, ability, or skills.  As I grew in my own leadership I found that statement...

Be a boxer

I really admire boxers for their dedication and commitment to reaching a goal. Think about all that goes into a fight that can last as little as a minute long. They thoroughly watch what they eat months ahead of time, They are constantly training, and they sacrifice...

Be the magnifying glass

As a kid, you may have loved playing with magnifying glasses. As an adult, you may need one to function a little better! Whether digital or in the analog world magnifying glasses are something that we can take for granted but can teach us a thing or two about...

Be a poker player

I'll admit that I am an awful card player. Even though I would get destroyed in a high-stakes game, I have always admired the tenacity, mental fortitude, and the surprising complex mental game happening underneath the cards in the players' hands.  There are...

Be the thread

You rely on thread every day, whether you realize it or not. Yes, the obvious example is your clothing, but think about other subtle items that you count on like seatbelts, most books, and other items in your daily life.  Today we'll look at how we can...

Be a leader worth following w/ Tim Spiker

Zack Hudson: Well, welcome to the Passing the Baton leadership podcast. So glad to have you with us today Sir!  Tim Spiker: Zack, thanks a lot. Looking forward to talking with you and with your audience.  ZH: Yeah, I'm looking...

Empathy, sympathy & pity

Empathy, Sympathy, and Pity. Besides a catchy title to a podcast, it's three words and that have different meanings and that can get a leader tripped up and cost the leader personal credibility when they get these three confused.  Empathy The ability to...

The problem with seagull managers

Maybe you've worked for, or are currently working with, a seagull manager. You know the type; they fly in, make a mess all over everything, and then they are gone.  In this management style, the person typically only shows up when a problem has arisen. They...

Chasing success off a cliff

Everyone wants to be successful. Your definition of what that success looks likes varies from person to person, but we all want to be good at and succeed in the things that matter most to us. So if we define our own meaning of success, then why are so many people...

Emotional Intelligence in a remote world

There are absolutely advantages in working from home; accessibility, a higher level of engagements, and lower costs for you personally among other things.  Working in a remote environment can be a challenge too. While Emotional Intelligence is a major...

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