The Story of Passing the Baton Leadership Resources


Passing the Baton was never started with the intent to have a podcast and deliver resources across the globe. It began as a small idea that Zack had to give his leaders weekly insights on leadership outside of the normal business of the day.  Originally called Leadership Insights, the name was changed to Passing the Baton as it formalized and began to spread outside of the original organization. Le’s face it, Leadership Insights was also about generic as you could get.

A year into the weekly newsletters and a trip down the wrong end of one way, the idea of a podcast was born. The guys didn’t know what they were doing, but they knew that the resources could help others. Now the newsletters and blog posts reach over 100 countries across the globe and thousands listen to the podcast every week.

Today, Zack and John are passionate about helping organizations reach their potential through their people. If you’d like to work with Zack or the full team, you can reach them at or

Zack’s Story I grew up in Louisiana and never saw a swamp until I was a teenager. I loved my town and the dream was to never leave and become mayor. That plan was dramatically altered when I met a certain redhead. She captured my heart and after getting married, we moved off to start our own adventure. We relocated all over the South and started a family along the way. During the journey, I had a hunger to grow as a leader and discovered there were many others out there that had that same fire. Since then, I’ve developed many leaders to become more than what they thought they could be. They’ve got the job they’ve always wanted or ended up at their dream locations. One of my greatest joys is seeing others hit their personal goals. Today, I lead about 500 employees across six states and spend much of my time developing them to be the leaders that they are called to be. I also help others across the globe reach their potential through the Passing the Baton Leadership Podcast and its resources. I also moonlight as The Disney Runner and can be found at my personal site Reach Zack at   What you may not know
  • I’ve made it to 38 of the 50 states so far.
  • I minored in jazz bass in college.
  • I’ve chest-bumped a whale shark.
  • My daughter lived in 5 cities by the time she was 5.
  • Sharon and I love Disney more than just about anything.
  • I jumped out of a plane…with my mom.
  • I served in the military.
  • Pies are my weakness.
  • I’ve survived running with the bulls and hang gliding.
  • I’ve been in movies and TV shows.

John’s Story

I grew up in a small town just south of Fort Worth Texas.  I spent a little over twenty years in or around that area thinking I would be like most everyone else that simply live there forever.  Well, that all changed when Hurricane Katrina hit and my now wife transferred to the college I was attending and we embarked on a journey that hasn’t slowed down one bit in over ten years!

In our ten years of marriage, we have moved eight times and have been blessed along the way with two amazing children that thankfully love adventure as much as we do.

Over these years I have had the privilege to speak truth and encouragement into many lives through multiple public speaking opportunities and leadership roles.  I find no greater pleasure than helping someone realize how much potential they truly have and investing in them to help them influence others.  I love that people allow me to be a small part of their journey as they go through life.

I currently have an amazing opportunity to lead a large group of people through multi-site management.  I also get to invest in others through hosting the Passing the Baton Leadership Podcast which has begun affecting people globally through the weekly podcast, newsletter, and other various resources.

Reach John at


What you may not know

  • I roast coffee and am a self-proclaimed coffee snob
  • Sharing a birthday with Chris Farley explains a good bit about me.
  • Dabbled in stand-up comedy
  • Solves the Rubix cube in a minute or less…usually
  • Enjoy’s spending time with family
  • I have never chest bumped a whale shark