People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude. – John Maxwell

Everybody’s got an attitude, it’s just that some are better than others.  Let’s explore what that looks like for us.

Those that you work for

How do you handle disappointment and constructive criticism? Do you push back too hard on conversations with your leader? If a meeting doesn’t go as you expected, are you deflated for days? Early on I didn’t push back, but I would definitely get myself down if I had a disappointing visit. It took me some time to grow through that. If it’s something that you deal with, know that it can be overcome.  Be aware of it and try to look at it from a neutral position. Hopefully, your leader is doing the same.

Those that work for you

Have you heard the saying that people are quicker to quit their boss than their job? It’s true! Your team care strategy is very important. You may have built a revolving door of employees in your business simply because your attitude doesn’t inspire anyone to follow you. Be mindful of your demeanor. Lean on a couple of trusted people close to you at work to help keep you focused and in check

Those that work with you

During your time in the workforce, you likely have run into someone where you thought, “I don’t want to work on another project with _______.” It almost always comes from two things: attitude and work ethic. I would even say that the work ethic piece is grounded in their attitude as well.

Self-awareness time…. Are you that person? This is a great opportunity to grow by leaning in on your inner circle so they can help you work through this. You don’t want to be the person that your peers don’t want to work with.  If they aren’t excited to work with you as a peer, they won’t be motivated to follow you should you become their leader one day.

A great attitude helps give you that edge that you need as a leader. It makes you look better than you are in good times and bad. Put your best foot forward and lead in a way that energizes others.

Make a better tomorrow.