We officially crossed the halfway point in the year. How is the year going for you? Are you on track for the goals that you set out for yourself? Have the goals already been thrown out the window and you are in survival mode?  It’s a great time to take a moment and look at what we need to adjust for the rest of the year.

What needs a tweak or an overhaul and what do you need to have a funeral for in order to have a productive 2nd half? 

What needs just a facelift?

Sometimes we are on track (or just a hair off) of where we would like to be in our personal goals, business models and/or in our relationships. Evaluate important areas of your business and personal life. Is there anything that you’d give yourself a B+ in? Those areas are perfect examples of what could use a little tweak to take it over the top. More than likely, it will just take a little more consistency and accountability to get there. 

Tips to successfully make small adjustments

  • Be intentional in scheduling the activity on your calendar.
  • Ask others to hold you accountable in the area identified. 
  • Set reminders on your phone. 
  • Consider getting up earlier to give you more space in your schedule and routine. 

What needs an overhaul?

In assessing the key parts of your professional and personal life, there may be things that need to be overhauled or rebuilt from the ground up. Don’t be hard on yourself or your team that this needs to take place; instead, learn about what led to this point and use that learning to take a significantly different approach.

Tips to succeed in making overhauls

  • Bring in help to give you a different perspective and expertise on the issue or challenge. 
  • Use the 5 Whys Technique to determine the root cause of the need for change. 
  • Drop the talk and take the action towards behavior change. 
  • Let go of the thought process, “It’s always been done this way.”

Be sure that the identified area that needs to be overhauled actually gets it. In 2013 Yahoo! unveiled its new logo proclaiming at the time, “This represents a significant evolution of the logo. (The purple) is far richer, deeper.”  As you can see, the change was far less of an overhaul and more of a font change and slight color tweak. The design community was not impressed. They are currently on their third design in 10 years. 

Go all-in on your overhaul and don’t stop short by just tweaking the issue. Just as in Yahoo!’s case, you’ll end back up at the drawing board.

What needs a funeral?

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that loves going to funerals. They aren’t fun for obvious reasons. Some things in your life may need that funeral so that you can finish the year in a healthy way. You may need to cut ties with a “friend” or someone close to you. 

The funeral could be for a habit or other activity in your life that drags you down. Be unapologetic and put it to rest.  More than likely your mind and body have been screaming at you for attention in this area. 

Tips to successful funerals

  • Fully commit to making the drastic changes necessary and then do it. Do not go back. 
  • Establish new activities, routines, and habits to replace the old ones.  Remember it takes 66 reps of activity before it changes your neural links and becomes a habit. 
  • Find a true accountability partner to help you transition well. 
  • Take time to morn if necessary and reward yourself as you take on a new journey.

Make the necessary changes in your life, both big and small, to have a great back half of the year. 

Make a better tomorrow.