Growing your EQ to show your value and increase your paycheck!

Welcome! Thank you for viewing Zack’s interview from the Ignite the Leader in You Video Summit. Below you’ll find material to help you grow your emotional intelligence in a practical way to increase your worth and earning potential.

Step 1: Understanding Emotional Intelligence

Start here to understand what emotional intelligence is all about, how it compares to your IQ, and its impact on your work performance.

Step 2: Self-Awareness: The foundation of your EQ

Self-awareness is truly the foundation of emotional intelligence. You need to have a strong base here if you want to grow yourself in the other three areas.

Step 3: Self-Management: Handle yourself well

Self-Management is all about how you handle yourself in those situations that frustrate you. Here we will identify our emotional triggers and learn how to process them in a positive way.

Step 4: Social Awareness: Understanding your role in social circles

Social awareness is understanding the role that you play in the business and social settings around you. We’ll learn how to navigate these scenarios in an impactful way.

Step 5: Relationship Management: Navigating successful partnerships

Relationship management is the pinnacle of emotional intelligence and requires some strength in the previous three areas to grow this one in the right way. We’ll focus on practical steps to grow relationships and partnerships in a positive way.

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