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Overcoming the shift in a new role – from doing to leading

Whether it’s a larger promotion in leadership, or your first time leading others, jumping into a new role can be exciting and rewarding long term. Despite all of your goals, dreams, and ambitions, you can flounder in your new role, if you approach it the wrong way....

Tips to avoid undermanaging

A lot is said about micromanagers and overmanaging people on the team. On the other end of the spectrum is the leader who undermanages their team.  These types of leaders are discussed as much because they typically aren't noticed. While the micromanager is...

Building trust with a new team

One of the guarantees in your work life is that you are going to be a part of new teams as you go on your career journey. Whether you are jumping on a team as a leader or a follower, it’s important to begin building that trust with them as early as possible. While the...

How to establish continual feedback

I think it's fair to say that most people appreciate knowing where they stand in the organization, affirmation of their performance, and guidance to reach their fullest potential.  The reality for many people in the workforce is that this has not been a true reality...

Apologies show strength and care

We should act with humility when things go wrong....and then make them right.  I get things wrong sometimes. Unfortunately, I'm not a perfect leader. There are times when I miss the mark and other times that I've outright blown it. None of us are perfect.  There...

Be a Jedi

While most of the kids in my elementary school wanted to be sports stars growing up, I wanted to be a Jedi. I ran through the woods around our country home training to be a Jedi. During the summer, I would burn a whole day watching all three of the original movies...

Be the willow tree

I love willow trees. It stems from my early childhood when we didn't have much, but we did have a huge (to me) willow tree that grew in our backyard. They are found all over the world, but the one in our backyard was the only one I saw as a child. It was unique,...

Be the glowstick

Our family loves glow sticks. We typically keep a pack of the sticks and some of the necklaces and bracelets just in case a need arises on a trip, campout, or just a fun time in the backyard.  Our kids and friends are always pleasantly surprised when we hand them...

Be a goose

When you think about geese, there may not be a lot of positive things that come to mind. They can be mean, very territorial, and leave a mess everywhere. Many years ago when I lived in Birmingham, AL, I would go on runs around these beautiful little lakes in a large...

How to handle a micromanager

Micromanagers can suck all of the joy and efficiency out of your work and productivity. I know when I had them in my own life, I was more stressed and certainly not fully satisfied in my role and even had lower engagement with the overall organization as a result....

The characteristics of a micromanager

I don't know of any company out there that goes out and looks for ineffective people and micromanaging leaders to add to their team. How ridiculous would it be to see in a job description "Must be able to micromanage others in order to get tasks completed."  So...

The Career Toolkit with Mark Herschberg

This week Zack sits down with Mark Herschberg to discuss his latest book The Career Toolkit. During the podcast, you will learn about: How to maximize your efforts in terms of growth and potentialWhat personal considerations should be thought about when looking at a...

Four ways to find purpose in your work

I seem to coach and help a lot of leaders looking for their next job or step in their career. One thing I always stress is for the person to find their job, not just any job. (Ep 228-231) There is an intentional reason behind the distinction between the two; your job...

Showcase your work ethics

Work ethics is a driver behind how you go about doing your work. Companies are continuing to increase the value of those that lead themselves with a strong work ethic, not only because of how productive they are but also because the world is changing. Customers and...

Dealing with feedback that is not well received

Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was open to feedback, thankful for the insight, and then acted on the information in an impactful way? Leadership certainly would be easier, but unfortunately, that's not the reality that the majority of us face when giving feedback to...

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