We offer free services to schools, military, first responders. We also offer highly discounted rates for non-profits. We specialize in customer service, practical team development, retention, career planning, hiring practices, succession planning, behavioral based interviewing, time management, emotional intelligence and culture change. We can also expand on topics from our podcast or tailor a specific message for your organization. Email zack@zackhudson.com and lets connect!


We offer one day to weekend workshops tailored to your talent needs. We will work with your organization on both style (large and small group), and content. Zack is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance through the Association for Talent Development and can additionally help you identify the gaps and needs of your team. We can also expand on topics from over 130 episodes of our podcast or tailor a specific message for your organization. Email zack@zackhudson.com for more info.

Personal coaching and online classes

We offer personal coaching and mentoring no matter your geographical location. Both Zack and John have numerous success stories from long distance mentoring and what happens when someone invests in your personal development. We also offer three online courses led by either Zack or John:
  • Time Management: $100 Three sessions over three months each running approx. 1 hour each. Here you’ll learn how to get ahead of your deadlines, keep your email inbox to near zero and how to never miss another important personal obligation ever again. Testimonials from graduates of this course say that it significantly impacted their life after applying what they learned.
  • Emotional Intelligence: $150 Here we cover the 4 main topics of emotional intelligence. (Self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and social awareness.) This is a 1-hour session per topic monthly a 4 month period. We will role play, talk through real-world scenarios and help you identify areas to grow in and the solution to overcome them.  Several leaders graduating from this program reported seeing stronger working relationships, and a higher likelihood of getting a promotion.
  • Behavioral interviewing: $100 This is a two-hour session that can be completed at once or split up based your discretion. Here we will look at your interview questions, role play, and help you with the right questions to ask to get great talent. We also offer a companion course for the job seeker on how to prepare for these types of interviews.
We offer group rates for these classes, but we keep the classes very small. (6 or less) If you sign up individually you will have a one-on-one session. email zack@zackhudson.com for more info.


We would be glad to be a guest on your podcast. Leadership, customer service, podcasting, and any topic that we speak on are game for us. We also individually would enjoy being on your show covering these topics Zack – Running, Disney, Film Industry John – Coffee Industry, Ministry Outreach, Comedy

Want to be a guest?

Are you a leader in your field, have your own podcast that connects to our audience or have a relevant book that you have written and would like to share with our audience? Reach out and let’s see if we can make the connection. We love introducing our listeners to new topics, ideas, and people. Email passingthebatonpodcast@gmail.com and let’s set up some time together!