Work ethics is a driver behind how you go about doing your work. Companies are continuing to increase the value of those that lead themselves with a strong work ethic, not only because of how productive they are but also because the world is changing. Customers and clients are holding organizations accountable to do the right thing, now more than ever. 

Having a strong work ethic can give your income a boost, lower stress, and make for a better working environment. 

Work Ethics Examples

As you think about your work ethics, it’s good to start with an understanding of areas that work ethics encompass.

  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Productivity
  • Responsibility
  • Cooperation with others
  • Reliability
  • Discipline
  • Commitment

Ways to showcase your work ethic

Here are just a few of the ways that your work ethic can shine on others. 

Everything is in on time including yourself: I have found that this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to let your work ethics shine.  It doesn’t take long for others to notice when you consistently turn in work on time and even early. The same action should apply to yourself. Be on time for work (or a few minutes early) and arrive on time for meetings. 

Plus the experience or product: Another way to showcase your ethics is by going above and beyond expectations. I call it plussing the experience or product because you are delivering the final product expected plus ________. The plus can be any number of things. It may be timing, an extra layer of polish, an expansion, or anything else that adds extra value and purpose to what you are working on. 

Raise your hand when others don’t: Stepping up and tackling the less pleasant aspects of your job or taking on extra duties or projects outside of your job description is another way to shine. I personally have found both thoughts to be helpful. In prior roles, I was able to stand out by taking on things that no one wanted to do and breathing new life and quality of excellence into it. Other times, I’ve filled in the gaps of work needs that weren’t in my job description, but I had the talents and skills to contribute in a positive way. 

Weather the storm: Not every day is a perfect and beautiful workday. Some days, or even weeks and months, can be challenging for a number of reasons. Your ability to weather those proverbial storms successfully while keeping positive working relationships speaks volumes about your work ethic. 

Tips to increase your work ethic

Think of yourself as an ambassador. Put your organization up in a positive light with those that you work with and those you interact within your personal life. Be on the lookout for ways to connect your business with others, even when it’s outside your normal scope of work. 

Beware of distracting co-workers. You probably know, or maybe you are, a person that enjoys talking a lot. While the social interaction is good, you can quickly lose precious productive time that could have been better spent elsewhere. Check your self-awareness to know when it’s time to break away and get back to work and avoid the temptation to jump into every conversation that you going on in the office. 

Don’t avoid tasks and communication. We all have unique times of the day that we are more productive and efficient. Use those times to know out big thought-provoking, creative, and even physical projects. During the other times, knock out the tasks and communications that don’t take a lot of effort. Putting off menial tasks and communications shows a lack of care for your role and for others. 

Seek professional growth: A great way to showcase your work ethics and overall professionalism is to seek out professional growth. Think of an athlete that is in peak condition. They don’t stop training and pushing their capabilities once they become known as the best of the best. In the business world, many leaders do plateau at some point after reaching their career aspiration, or they give up and settle before ever reaching their goal. 

Be intentional about weaving in continuing education in some form throughout the year. What are a couple of books that you could pick up? What is an area of expertise that you want to grow in? Who can you learn from that’s in your network? Are there any conferences, workshops, or courses that are interesting? Whatever your path, showcase your work ethics by pushing your own development. 

The benefits

There are several benefits for you, your team, and the company as you highlight and live out your strong work ethic with others. 

  • Your personal branding increases significantly with others.
  • Your ability to build good working relationships becomes easier. 
  • Establishing trust and buy-in happens more quickly. 
  • Decision-making is easier when you tie the decision to your ethics and the purpose of the team and company. 
  • You are more productive in your personal and professional life. 

Influence your team, peers, and influencers through a strong work ethic. Your earning potential and your level of satisfaction in what you do will only get stronger. 

Make a better tomorrow.