Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

Caring for your team (or family) is one of the most important things that you can do as a leader. When your people see how much you care for them, they are much more likely to show that same amount of care to others. Morale and effectiveness also increase. A caring leader has many advantages in their leadership. They can pick up on nuanced behavior in their team quicker. They can also rely on them more when the going gets tough, and they often form common bonds that build a deep level of trust.

Caring is more than just a smile

  • Caring for someone is more than just being cordial, smiling and asking how their day is going.
  • Caring leaders listen. (More on this in a couple of weeks)
  • Caring leaders truly know their people. Get to know three things about each person. Interests, hobbies, family are good places to start.
  • Caring leaders are curious. They ask their people their insight and opinion.
  • Caring leaders understand without having to agree or prove a point.
  • Caring leaders share information and are as transparent as possible.


Just as in just about everything else in life, balance is the key. Be mindful of the relationship level and guard yourself against going too far. You aren’t called to be someone’s counselor (unless that’s your job). For the chronic complainers, have them write down their problems and solutions so can discuss them together. This puts the action of solutions in their court. For those that are angry, listen but don’t encourage the conversation. It will burn itself out quickly.  Lastly, you want to handle every relationship and person with a great deal of integrity.

How are you doing as a caring leader? If polled, would your team call you a leader that truly cared for them? For many, this is easier to master once they realize there is an opportunity. Showing care to your team is a must-do in today’s environment.

Make a better tomorrow.