It’s our birthday! A look back at our growth (and yours) this year.

It’s our birthday! A look back at our growth (and yours) this year.

Studies have shown that people who have more birthdays live longer.

It’s our birthday week! Thank you so much for supporting us whether you have been us from the beginning or just a couple of weeks. We are honored to be a part of your leadership and life journey.

We grew quite a bit this year. We launched a YouTube Channel. Zack did a speaking mini-tour of Georgia and we started doing guests spots on other shows. We also brought on our first international guest recently. Zack wrapped up the year by being a part of a free online leadership summit that you can still attend.

What resonated with you this year?

You loved the Emotional Intelligence Series. In fact, it was our most popular series ever. You can find those shows and written material here:

Mentoring consistently came up this year. It’s a subject that resonates at nearly all levels of life. We talked to college students about it and it was the most common thing that talent executives asked for at a conference that we recently attended. We did a two-part series on this one.

Our servant leadership series hit home for many people. It’s a term that is becoming more commonplace in companies with a great culture. We spent time explaining what it is and how to apply it in your life.

Overcoming obstacles and adversity was a common thread this year. Zack talks on the show this week about where he gets all the ideas for PTB content creation. Some come from you as you send in questions. Some come from preplanned series and topics that people are currently talking about. He reveals that there are also topics that he writes either about himself or as a reminder to himself as he goes through his own leadership walk. John makes it clear on the show: The PTB team is not above anyone else and we are all on a journey together.

We heard the most feedback from these types of shows as they resonated on a personal level.

Know that if you are going through tough and challenging times that you are not alone. We hope some of these topics help equip you to successfully weather the storm.

What’s next?

We do have more guests planned for this next year. We won’t be changing the format to strictly a guest-type show but we will introduce them when it makes sense and we feel like they add value to you.

The potential for more video content is there if it is something that you’d like to see more of. Let us know and we will work on those.

Episode 200 is fast approaching! Zack has written around the show and is looking at what would be a fun celebratory show.

Zack will be continuing to do speaking engagements into 2020. Both Zack and John will continue to offer mentoring and consulting for individuals and companies. Reach out to us and we will cater something specific to your needs.

Finally, Zack has been working on something for what he says is a long time. What that is, we have no clue! He says this is the year, so stay tuned.

Again, thanks for your support. We would love to hear how you have grown this year. You can reach out to us at