How to be miserable

How to be miserable

What a year it has been! COVID-19 feels like it has been around forever at this point, but it was just a year ago when countries across the world began to lockdown.  Since then the job market has tanked, civil unrest and protests began to happen across the globe and natural disasters were a constant news item. 

Numerous reports and studies have shown our collective outlook and morale fell off a cliff over the last 12 months. Here are some tips to become miserable. 

Isolate yourself

We’ve talked at length in the past about the pull and power of isolation. For many, our way of work has totally changed and as a result, we are more isolated than we ever have been. Prolonged isolation is not good for you mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. 

Be intentional in your week to have time where you interact with others in some fashion. Even if that means turning on your camera during video calls and getting out where you can see some people. (walk in the park, grocery shopping, etc) Get out there and reconnect to the world the best that you can. 

Frame circumstances in a “Why me?” format

These types of people think that the world is against them. Traffic is always bad, they can’t catch a break and if it can go wrong, it will go wrong. When you are at the end of your rope it’s easy to latch on to this idea and thought. I know that I have before during times that I have reached that point. 

The “Why me” state of mind really is just that….it’s a state of mind. Everybody has unforeseen things and circumstances happen to them, but it’s how you handle it and approach it that makes all the difference.  Approach each circumstance with positive intent and what you can do you quickly overcome what’s before you. Not so much what you can’t do, but instead what you can do in the situation. 

Why mes also seem to see more bad things happen to them because they are looking for them and are very sensitive to them. It’s like a model of a car that you suddenly see around town after you bought that same model. You didn’t see them before because you didn’t have the awareness or were looking for them. Give your mind and emotions and break by letting go of the search for unfortunate things that pop up in your week, both big and small. 

Eat much, move little

Well, I can say that this one got me over the COVID year. I had dropped quite a bit of weight and was preparing for my favorite race of the summer and then it was canceled. For about 3 months, I stopped running and starting eating….everything! It took a good bit of effort to get back on track and I still go back and forth some of my progress here. 

Here is another example of changing work and habits that impacted us over the last year. We just stopped getting out of the house nearly as much as before and as a result, stopped moving. 

Find some time throughout your day to take a few short breaks to get up and move around. Go for a walk during lunch. Spend some time outside at night and in the evenings. Go on a campout. Whatever that looks like for you, get and move some. Your stress will go down and you’ll feel better on several different levels. 

Don’t change

Simply be miserable by not changing.  You may be saying that you are miserable because of all the changes that have happened in the last year! I hear you, what I am saying is to continue to change and adapt to your new environment. 

Find ways to push yourself to grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This year I have taken up learning morse code and have a plan to get back where I want to be physically while continuing to lead in civic areas across my city. There is nothing worse than putting yourself in a tough spot and then resigning yourself to your situation. You change instead of sitting and waiting for the circumstances to change. 

Being miserable is easy. Take the four tips above and you’ll be well of your way. We all have a choice when determining our own level of satisfaction. Choose to keep pushing forward even when it’s tough or you don’t know the direction. 

Make a better tomorrow.