I love this time of year. Not only is it my birthday week, but it’s also the beginning of a run of several holidays here in the US. It’s also a time of year when my teams and I are taking stock of the accomplishments of the year and starting to solidify what our goals are going to be in a way in the next year. 

Hopefully, you’ve hit some (or all) of your goals for the year at this point. Today we’ll dive into the topic of “What do I do now?” 


First things first, you’ve got to celebrate your wins! Take some time to celebrate yourself and your team as you hit your goals. 

  • Be specific in who you recognize as you celebrate. Call out those individual achievements and contributions that were made in order to reach a shared goal. Sure it’s fine to recognize the team, but people really appreciate it when you recognize their hard work and dedication. 

  • Be timely when you celebrate. A good celebration definitely has an expiration at which point it loses its impact. Book it on the calendar and make it happen. 

  • Switch up how you celebrate to keep things fresh and memorable. If it’s just for you, perhaps it’s a special trip or getting something off your wish list. If it’s a team celebration, maybe it’s a different experience or location that others will enjoy and don’t frequent.

Remember both the personal and professional

It’s tempting at times to let one set of your goals fall off during the year. Sometimes I focus too hard on one side or the other and neglect the other side in the process. If you’ve hit your personal or professional goal(s) for the year. Look at your other set of goals for the year. How are they faring? Perhaps there is some room to give them some extra attention in the time that is left to make as much progress as possible between now and the new year.  

Reassess what’s left

Not all goals reach the finish line at the same time, and honestly, not all goals even reach the finish line. As you celebrate the goals that you’ve hit, look at what’s left on your proverbial goal checklist. How are things going? Here are a few things to think about:

  • What goals need to be adjusted? Perhaps the goal was a bit too lofty or you didn’t fully account for the amount of work that it would take to reach the level that you initially wanted to. Regardless of the why of the gap, can the goal be adjusted to achieve some level of victory? 

  • What goals need to be deferred? Life happens. What goals need to go ahead and be booked for the next year? It doesn’t mean you are giving up on the goal. Instead, use the time between and the next year to reflect on what you can do differently to engage in a way that ensures success. 

  • What goals need to be removed? Sometimes things change so dramatically over the year that the goal longer makes sense in the new world or circumstances. This could be due to things like a new job, a company reorganization, or a major life change. Don’t feel guilty to take off those goals that just don’t make sense anymore. 

Gear up for another round

The new year is right around the corner! Begin putting some thought into what those next rounds of goals should look like. 

  • Are your goals part of a multiyear commitment? What does the next layer look like?
  • What deferred goals if any need to be pulled over to the next year?
  • Did you conquer an area or topic that you had been working on? What’s next and new that you can turn your efforts towards? 

Now is a great time to lean into your curiosity and imagination as you think about what those next goals can be. Remember to keep them to a realistic number and begin thinking of what your plan would be to achieve those goals. 

Take some time to rest a moment and celebrate with yourself and those involved in the wins. Step back and look at your progress in other areas and begin gearing up for another successful year. 

Make a better tomorrow.